"An exciting band who play with real enthusiasm for their music


Peter Woldridge, The Shopshire Review

Big Red Bridge 


Big Red Bridge is a collection of songs and instrumentals which pull from American and Irish folk, roots and country music. The all original material includes murder ballads, folk ballads and Americana style songs drawing influences from Galway, the west of Ireland and beyond.


The Album was recorded by Ed Kenehan and produced by Niall Teague in various spaces including spare bedrooms, studios, pubs and piano shops around Galway city and county. The album was mastered by Iain Hutchinson, recording/mastering engineer of BBC Transatlantic sessions fame. When putting together the songs and arrangements the flavour of BBC's Transatlantic Sessions was a major influence. 


The players involved include world famous accordion player Sharon Shannon, Whileaways singer Noriana Kennedy, Future Trad Collective musician Paddy Kerr and Galway based vocal trio The Bluebirds . Other contributors include Cian Mulligan of Galway based folk group The Rye, The brillaint Banjo player Bill Forster from the west Clare hills and Anne Laceriz the amazing busking wasboard player.

Vocal harmony was a big focus for the recordings. Here are the Bluebirds adding some vocals to the title track track 'Big Red Bridge'